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5 modeling belt facts you need to know

Modeling straps have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially after Kim Kardashian popularized the practice of "waist training".

But anyone who thinks that waist training is new is wrong! It is a practice that has been used for hundreds of years ... because it WORKS!

Traditionally corsets are used for practice, but it is not a piece that fits everyone's daily routine. Therefore, we combine the efficiency of a traditional corset with the practicality of a shapewear, and developed the Cinturita Cinta Modeladora with 12 fins.

This modeling belt provides results almost as satisfactory as a corset, with a lot of practicality. For this, it is important to follow some steps:

1 - Invest in quality

Be wary of very low prices and pay attention to details. Fabrics with quality elastic threads, steel fins, orthopedic elastics, brackets, among other details end up making a modeling belt more expensive, however, they are fundamental for you to achieve the result you want.

2 - Choose the correct size

Don't try to guess your size, or just because your friend wears P and her T-shirt fits you, automatically deducing that a P-size strap will fit you.

Instead, take a tape measure and measure your waist. To measure just right:

  • Exhale normally
  • Locate the highest point of the hip bone and the bottom of your ribs
  • Measure the area in the middle of these points, about two fingers above the height of the navel.
  • It will usually be the thinnest area of your waist - this is what you need

3 - Go slow

Use your strap to adjust the size that is most comfortable - over-tightening will not speed up the result. The size adjustments are so that you can gradually decrease as you lose measurements.

If you have never used a modeling belt before, the ideal is to start with 2 hours daily, and gradually increase the time until you get used to it.

4 - Compression x Feed

The main function of the modeling belt is to reduce measurements, but in addition to modeling the adipose tissue, the compression of the modeling belt makes you more aware of your body, and consequently you pay more attention to what you eat. Compression in the stomach area makes you feel satisfied with less food, which can help you lose weight.

5 - Consistency

Do not allow yourself to be accommodated by the immediate result: to change your body in a lasting way, it is necessary that you use your shaping belt frequently. Just like a diet, it will work and provide great results, if you use it correctly.

If you need special sizes, or any customization, we also make custom-made pieces.

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