<transcy>Do I have trochanteric depression?</transcy>

Do I have trochanteric depression?

The other day I put the question box on Instagram, and a very beautiful woman had sent me a question about the modeling shorts that raises her butt:

For those who don't know, this term "trochanteric depression" refers to a cavity in the hip region, also called the violin hip.

This depression is related to the distribution of adipose tissue and muscle mass near the trochanter.

The trochanter is a bone close to the femur, and while some people accumulate fat in this region, giving the hip a more rounded appearance, others have little fat at that specific point in the hip.

Having fat in this region, or not having it, is perfectly normal and many beautiful women have these dimples in their hips.

This gap in the hip is perfectly normal and beautiful.

We will love our bodies, and if you want to wear clothes that enhance and accentuate the curves of your body, our design does help to remodel the fat, being able to round this area, aiming at the guitar format, which is our style and our trademark.

Be very careful with terms created by the beauty standardization industry, which creates a problem and then sells the "solution".

Don't look for defects where it doesn't exist! Beauty is in diversity, live and love your unique beauty!

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