Common questions

Are the products in the "Levanta Bumbum" line filled?

No. The Modeling Shorts Levanta Bumbum does not have that bulging filling that bothers us so much, it has our design and exclusive and patented and 3D sewing technology that flattens and shapes the butt.

What is the advantage of using shapewear?

The use of shapewear brings many benefits, in addition to shaping your body, reducing measurements and improving posture. It helps to improve skin firmness after pregnancy or weight loss and constant use helps to have a silhouette with enhanced curves.

Can you notice that I'm wearing shapewear under my clothes?

Most of the time the shapewear is very discreet, but in clothes of very fine and tight fabric it may be visible, especially in the straps and shapewear with adjustment brackets.

Does the shaping belt lose weight?

It depends.

We are a family owned and operated business. The main function of the modeling belt is to reduce measurements, but in addition to modeling the adipose tissue, the compression of the modeling belt makes you more aware of your body, and consequently you pay more attention to what you eat.
This compression in the stomach area makes you feel satisfied with less food, which can YES help you lose weight.

How do I wash my shapewear?
As they are pieces with special compression fabrics, it is important to follow some precautions, such as always washing by hand, with cold or warm water, with mild soap, not drying in the sun and never wringing. For detailed instructions, check out this post.

How long should I use a modeling belt?
We recommend starting with 1 hour daily, and gradually increasing the time of use, as your body adapts, until you reach the maximum of 8 hours daily .